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Jeep horse ranch Unlimited

2018/07/09 09:38
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Indulge in the wilderness and show freedom. The Jeep Wrangler represents the indomitable bravery of men and a determined attitude towards free life. Today brings the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, the four version of the Wrangler.

The appearance of the new car basically follows the design style of the cash car, but the new family seven hole intake grille brings a more three-dimensional visual effect. Two side wheel brows are also equipped with LED daytime running lights, and the front bumper is more sharp and firm.


Compared to the two gate, the four door version is most prominent in the length of the wheelbase, the length of the four gate is 4785 millimeters, the width is 1875 millimeters, the height is 1868 millimeters and the wheelbase is 3008 millimeters, which increases its storage space and cross-country ability.


In the interior, it basically follows the style of the cash, adding a new style of three multi - function steering wheel, adding the decoration of chrome plated strips, so that it has a very good quality. In addition, the dashboard has also been optimized to further enhance the display function and technology sense.

At the same time, the fourth generation Uconnect 8.4+7 dual liquid crystal human-computer interaction system integrates the functions of air conditioning, multimedia, GPS navigation, seat heating control, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

Power. The FCA2.0T engine is used, the maximum output power of 268 horsepower, the peak torque 400N m, the fully electronic 8 speed automatic transmission and the 4x4 shunt box control all time drive system, the performance is strong.