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Modified Jeep Wrangler's overall accessories are effectively upgraded, can handle complex terrain

2019/07/02 16:28
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  The modified version of the Jeep Wrangler's overall accessories has been effectively upgraded. Can it cope with complex terrain? The off-road cargo card Jeep Wrangler talent has just been released at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The original modified brand Mopar has released up to 200 modified products immediately afterwards, with the intention of eating this. The vast potential of the car modification market. In addition to the functionality and performance of this card, Mopar's modified parts also have personalized accessories that allow owners to create a unique Wrangler. And all Mopar mods are rigorously tested and enjoy the original warranty, so the refitting player can also avoid the risk of modification. In the visible part, Mopar introduced the JeepPerformanceParts car lift kit, which is a 2-inch increase in the suspension stroke by changing the Fox shock absorber, which further enhances the Wrangler's already strong off-road capability. In addition, it is the JPP steel door.
   Because the Wrangler originally had the design of the quick-release roof and the door, the owner can enjoy the feeling of blending with nature in the outdoor cross-country. For some off-road players, the JPP steel door can not only add a bit of hard-core off-road style. It also enhances the protection of passengers in the cabin. Mopar also offers 5-inch and 7-inch LED cross-country searchlights that illuminate the road ahead even at night. Others include five-spoke wheels, roof racks, stainless steel side guards and body stickers, to allow owners to piece together their own unique style of modification. In addition to improving the visual effect, the front pole of the steel pipe can also correspond to the hinge system to strengthen the Wrangler's ability to get out of trouble and rescue. In terms of cargo buckets, Mopar introduced a rail storage system that allows the drawer compartment to be seen when the tailgate is opened, making it easier to store tools and goods.
  The dedicated crossbar kit can also accommodate a variety of load requirements, whether it is fixed general goods or off-road locomotives, bicycles, canoes, etc. The JPP suction kit and exhaust pipe set can slightly increase the power performance and give the Wrangler a more pleasant exhaust sound. In fact, the performance of the Wrangler is also an excellent feature of the off-road model. It has certain advantages in the wheelbase. It can be easier to get out of trouble when encountering complicated road conditions in the later stage, and this modification is actually In the face of complex road conditions, you can cope more calmly, but there is not much change in the power system, and in many small details, it is more inclined to go out at home. However, such a design can be said to pay more attention to the appearance and personalization, but there are not many opportunities for real roads to travel hard. The idea of ​​natural manufacturers is also like this.